Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Real VS Fake

I have two ysl arty oval rings and I have to say it's probably my favorite piece of jewelry,  I'm not a big fan of big rings but these babies are so beautiful. I'm kinda annoyed that there's a knockoff version of them done by la dama... but I wouldnt mind ordering some fake ones as they only run for $35, that saves me $115 pretty good if you ask me...



  1. Wow, that's crazy!

    I know how it feels, its annoying, but it's kind of good in a way.. I know so many of my student friends who have been dying to get the original but there's just no way to justify spending that much.

    At least now they have an alternative you know?


  2. Yeah of course, spending a ridiculous amount of money on one ring, but take it from me it's worth it. It goes well with anything you wear and it's also nice to just stare at.

    If you're not ready to pay that amount for a piece of jewelry I definitely recommend you order the knockoff's, just ordered some myself!